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The Lackadaisical Writer, S5, E100: Keeping It Real

In this unscripted, personal episode, I talk openly, honestly, and at length about the things going on with my life, including the deaths in October and January, my physical and mental health, and the financial strain of both. I then talked about the plans for the future, including my plans to get the show back on track and the efforts to get back to writing again. And finally, I thanked my listeners and supporters for continuing to stick with me and being patient with my long hiatus.

S4, E92: Long Silence, My Why, and NaNo Update #1

After almost two months away from the “air”, I get a bit emotional talking about October, then move on to my contemplations of “my why” and the future of my books. Due to the long stretch between episodes, I also tacked on my first NaNo 2016 update, pathetic though it is. My Heartache It’s been almost two months since my last episode. October ended up being the worst year in my life for me. I didn’t do much writing-related activity at all. Nothing with Girl in the Forest’s revision. Nothing with Maid Maleen. And no podcast episodes recorded at all. […]

Short TLW Hiatus

Right now, I have a lot going on around me that is generating stress.  A lot of stress.  Too much stress.  It’s to the point I’m barely sleeping, I’m having eye twitches, unhappy digestive system, I’m snappy and moody, wanting to burst into tears at the drop of a hat, etc.  About the only one of my usual signs I’m not having (so far) is the teeth grinding.   I know my mind and body are telling me in no uncertain terms, I need to cut back the stress as much as I can and let myself recharge.  Of course, one […]

Thine Own Enemy

Today I received a question via a survey on “What is currently your biggest road block in your writing career?”  so I decided to share my answer here, slightly tweaked for better context. I would say it’s the discouraged feeling I have pushing me down right now.  Seeing the complete lack of sales for Aisuru, despite reviews giving it positive remarks, the cover generally getting rave compliments, and various experiments I’ve done in dropping the price (on sale 5/29-5/30 for 99 cents…not a single sale as of this post) has left me feeling a bit broken. I spent so much money […]

My 2014 Reads

As you’d no doubt expect from a writer, a read – a LOT, and I have a lot of books.  There are well over 1,000 titles on my shelves and growing – I have so many books I had to put a special rider on my home owner’s insurance to cover them because the default limits in the policy weren’t nearly enough. 😯   Anyway, it came to pass that a few years ago a friend asked me “do you actually read all of those books you have?” The question triggered my “I’ll prove it” instincts so I began tracking every […]