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Destressing and Decluttering: Newsletter and TLW Changes

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.  Thinking about my writing aspirations, what I am doing now, what I need to do better, and about how I can help reduce my stress and regain my focus on my writing. One thing I’ve come to realize is I just have too much on my plate, particularly with work being super busy right now.  I know I should be able to handle it all: working my job, doing revisions, planning and implementing promos, the blog, the podcast, etc.  Other people do it all the time, right?  Unfortunately, I’m not other people…I’m […]

Short TLW Hiatus

Right now, I have a lot going on around me that is generating stress.  A lot of stress.  Too much stress.  It’s to the point I’m barely sleeping, I’m having eye twitches, unhappy digestive system, I’m snappy and moody, wanting to burst into tears at the drop of a hat, etc.  About the only one of my usual signs I’m not having (so far) is the teeth grinding.   I know my mind and body are telling me in no uncertain terms, I need to cut back the stress as much as I can and let myself recharge.  Of course, one […]

S2, E52: 2014 In Review

It’s the final episode of Season 2 and 2014, so I reflect on my writing life this year: what was good, what was bad, and the in-between stuff as well as how I did on my 2014 goals. I also share the list of top five (or so) episodes of the show in terms of listens before wrapping up by revealing my goals/plans for 2015!

Aisuru Read Through and Template Progress

Other than a rather amazing number of typos and a few corrections I need to fix some inconsistencies, I must admit, I loved this revision Aisuru enough that I read the whole thing tonight in one straight go. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, even though I know this story like the back of my hand. I can only hope others will feel the same once all the final polishing is done. Tomorrow I’ll begin that polishing process, fixing the conflicts and trying out that editing program. Hopefully it can help me re-find most of those wrong words since I […]

Site Update

So, you may have noticed things look quite different around here!  Well, this afternoon I “pulled the switch” so to speak after I finished working out the final kinks with WordPress and flipped the whole site to use the WordPress platform, using the self-hosted option. This allowed me to have nifty stuff like the Spreaker player, using Disqus for comments, adding Google Analytics, and most importantly, being able to customize this theme to my own needs.  I’ll be really playing with the design more in December, after NaNo and Aisuru’s campaign are done, but for now it should (mostly) do […]

Importing Done!

Yesterday I continued my ever-present quest to procrastinate from what I really should be doing and worked on preloading this place with all of my previous episodes.  Fortunately, I was able to flex my programming skills and whipped up a quick script to do the first part of the importing, namely grabbing the episode titles, summaries, and play links and dumping them into a single import file for WordPress. I then had to go through all of those posts and clean them up a bit to add tags, categories, and so forth.  I also started adding my actual show notes […]