Only one goal done this month, with no real progress on the rest, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it too much because I am acknowledging it was a rough month.  I’m more hopeful on progress with Going Indie in March, and with some of the other goals as well. Writing Projects Girl in the Forest – publish on September 10 – dates updated to new target Process beta feedback by July 13th To editor by July 10th Set up pre-order on July 10th Process edits and do final read through by August 23th Final proofread by August 28th Print formatting […]

2017 Goal Check: March Progress

Been two months since I did an episode…so this one is kind of a catch up of what I’ve been up to the last few months and taking a look at my plans for the next few. News & Notes: Anma’s Manga Minute podcast art updated Aisuru and Deviations new covers and new paperback releases Deviations heading to NetGalley Smashwords Read an eBook Week, March 5-11 – both my books will be 75% off!! Website redesign! Where Have I Been? More death…computer woes, new roof, broken me The Coming Months? Primarily focusing on mild promo for Aisuru and Deviations and […]

S5, E98: A Return, I Hope

I’ve finally come to terms with Girl in the Forest not happening for April 28th, it just isn’t.  One of the characters is too similar to one of the people I lost in the last few years, making it too much of an emotional mine pool.  So I’ll aim for the September date instead.  Meanwhile, haven’t done much on the non-fiction either, but am getting some side goals done including the redo of this site!  Writing Projects Girl in the Forest – publish on April 28 – hiatus, just can’t deal with right now due to personal issues, so will redo […]

2017 Goal Check: February Progress

Got through almost all of one of the big sections of goals, namely Deviations wide launch and new cover release.  Also added three tasks under Aisuru because of its new cover, with one already done 🙂  A few other goals done from the list too, so yay! Alas, not nearly enough progress on the newer writing projects (okay, none at all). Writing Projects Girl in the Forest – publish on April 28 Process beta feedback by February 28th To editor by March 7th Set up pre-order on March 7th Process edits and do final read through by April 10th Final […]

2017 Goal Check: January Progress

As mentioned, Deviations lovely moth cover is being replaced with something more genre appropriate and in fitting with the other two Hakodate Hearts books.  My cover designer, Kerry, has worked her awesome magic to great a gorgeous new cover that still pays a nice homage to the original! This new version is already up on Amazon and Deviations wide release has begun!  You can already find it at some stores and the rest should come online in the next day or two.  You can check availability at most popular e-book retailers here.  If you don’t see your favorite, check back […]

Two New Covers For Hakodate Hearts!

It’s my annual review of how the year went, good, bad, and meh, how I did with my goals, and looking at my financials for the year. Ending the episode by sharing my writing-related goals for 2017! News & Notes: Gotten a few more chapters of the NaNo 2016 project written, thanks to Dragon, and even wrote some while at a sing-along get together event. Also used Dragon to get more work done on the non-fiction project 2016…Oh This Year! I realized Deviations abject failure, the stress/drain of all that overtime earlier in the year to finish a project at […]

S4, E97: Out With 2016, In With 2017

So much floating in the air, so much to do, and so much I really would like to get done in the upcoming year.  Still, I’m trying hard to make my goals realistic and keep in mind my rather poor performance in 2016 while also trying to push myself to get out of my funk and get stuff done.   As with last year, I am mostly aiming for big goals with smaller sub-goals below it that lead to its completion. Writing Projects This is the first year in a long time I don’t have some new first draft or […]

My Writing Goals for 2017