Anma’s Manga Minute

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About the Show

Anma’s Manga Minute is my newest show, launched in 2016, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE manga, anime, and light novels.  And I love talking about them.  But I was really bad at blogging about them, even though I kept “meaning” too.  

Being as I’m great at talking and talking and talking, I decided I’d switch from trying to blog about my favorite reads and views to podcasting about them!  Initially I intended to only put the episodes up on YouTube, but after a few months, I decided to make it a full show available via the regular podcast formats as well, the same as my other show The Lackadaisical Writer.

Want to tune in?  You can listen to any of the available below.  All episodes are also posted here on the blog and you can search for shows covering specific series or topics using the site search over to the left.  

The show is also available via iTunes, my awesome host Spreaker, or your favorite podcast app by using the episode RSS feed.  Hopefully coming to iHeart soon!