2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in August

Very little progress this month, except on reading…and adding a new goal to the list because reasons 🙂


  1. Aisuru
    1. Sell another 100 copies, minimumFAILED not counting free copies, I’m at only 30 copies sold in 2016; as I’m not doing anymore promos, I just don’t see 100 happening
  2. Girl in the Forest
    1. Alpha/Beta feedback back August 15th, process and finish revision by September 30th – feedback received, now just have to process and revise!
    2. Get to editor by October 1st
    3. Girl in the Forest cover underway by August 31st and finalized for reveal by November 1st – Contemplating the concept from my designer now 🙂
    4. Back from editor, process, and to proofreading (if needed) by November 15th
    5. Set launch plan, date, and preorder up by November 30st
    6. BHAG: have beta read, final revision, and editing done in time for release by December 31st
  3. Maid Maleen retelling (final title note decided yet)
    1. Finish first draft period
    2. Read through and come up with revision plan by September 30th
    3. Determine title and series name
  4. New Novels – write at least one
    1. Write new novel for NaNo 2016

Site and Show and Everything Else

  1. Read at least 200 books – Current Count: 86 – up 14!
    1. Read at least 5 books from my current physical TBR shelf4 read! 
    2. Read at least 5 books from my current digital TBR shelf – 3 read! (I missed counting The Black: Arrival last month); 1 in progress
    3. Read at least 5 non-fiction books – 1 read, 1 DNF
  2. Create personal logo/image
  3. Get new “vlogging” project off the ground – NEW!