As mentioned, Deviations lovely moth cover is being replaced with something more genre appropriate and in fitting with the other two Hakodate Hearts books.  My cover designer, Kerry, has worked her awesome magic to great a gorgeous new cover that still pays a nice homage to the original! This new version is already up on Amazon and Deviations wide release has begun!  You can already find it at some stores and the rest should come online in the next day or two.  You can check availability at most popular e-book retailers here.  If you don’t see your favorite, check back […]

Two New Covers For Hakodate Hearts!

It’s my annual review of how the year went, good, bad, and meh, how I did with my goals, and looking at my financials for the year. Ending the episode by sharing my writing-related goals for 2017! News & Notes: Gotten a few more chapters of the NaNo 2016 project written, thanks to Dragon, and even wrote some while at a sing-along get together event. Also used Dragon to get more work done on the non-fiction project 2016…Oh This Year! I realized Deviations abject failure, the stress/drain of all that overtime earlier in the year to finish a project at […]

S4, E97: Out With 2016, In With 2017

So much floating in the air, so much to do, and so much I really would like to get done in the upcoming year.  Still, I’m trying hard to make my goals realistic and keep in mind my rather poor performance in 2016 while also trying to push myself to get out of my funk and get stuff done.   As with last year, I am mostly aiming for big goals with smaller sub-goals below it that lead to its completion. Writing Projects This is the first year in a long time I don’t have some new first draft or […]

My Writing Goals for 2017

So how did NaNo turn out? Did I manage to make it to 50,000?? And what about Aisuru’s NetGalley run? Both covered in today’s episode! News & Notes: Finally got the newsletter out Still behind on Anma’s Manga Minute Deviations new cover still in progress, so it’s still Amazon only Dragon! NaNo 2016 – Final Results Managed to keep up the pace and though it was down to the wire, I did indeed cross the 50,000 word mark! I wrote some 68% of my NaNo words this year in just the last 11 days of November, with half of those […]

S4, E96: NaNo 2016 and Aisuru NetGalley Results

Ending out the year with mostly cancellations and failures, but then again, the list is fairly small Writing Girl in the Forest Alpha/Beta feedback back August 15th, process and finish revision by December 31st – very unlikely, but I do still have one month left Maid Maleen retelling (final title note decided yet) – CANCELLED for now, maybe I’ll try again next year Finish first draft period Determine title and series name New Novels – write at least one Write new novel for NaNo 2016 – FAILED I did manage to write a little bit of fiction, but the novel is far […]

2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in November

As promised, my second NaNo episode. I have words, not many, and I’m way behind, but I do have words. News & Notes: Aisuru is now “wide”, and available via Kobo, Nook, Smashwords, iTunes, Google Play, and others, if you go to you can find which stores currently have and pick your favorite; I updated it regularly and more stores are coming Deviations is not yet wide due to issues with the ePub and decided to just wait until the new cover is done so I don’t have to change it all again Gave up on iTunes direct because […]

S4, E93: NaNo 2016, Special 2

After almost two months away from the “air”, I get a bit emotional talking about October, then move on to my contemplations of “my why” and the future of my books. Due to the long stretch between episodes, I also tacked on my first NaNo 2016 update, pathetic though it is. My Heartache It’s been almost two months since my last episode. October ended up being the worst year in my life for me. I didn’t do much writing-related activity at all. Nothing with Girl in the Forest’s revision. Nothing with Maid Maleen. And no podcast episodes recorded at all. […]

S4, E92: Long Silence, My Why, and NaNo Update #1