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Finally got some words written and the story is going so much better!  I also talk about the false idea that being an indie authors means you don’t have to deal with rejection again. News & Notes: Poll results so far – last day to vote! Voting closes on as soon as it flips over to July 18th (CST) Contemplation on Indies and the idea that being self-published means “no (more) rejections” Word Count: 4,402 (need 3,707 a day to finish…yeah…)

S4, E89: Camp NaNo 2016, Special 2

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As I mentioned in my most recent episode and in my goals update, I’m going to be “repackaging” Aisuru, Deviations, and the upcoming Girl in the Forest into a proper “series” of linked novels.  They are set in a shared world, with Aisuru and Deviations being in Hakodate, Japan, and Girl in the Forest being in Aokigahara primarily, but featuring a character from Hakodate.  Fans of the stories will find little links between the characters themselves as well. 🙂   Further, all three stories have a shared theme, if you will, of people ready to give up on life who find […]

Want to Help Decide My Series Name?

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With my mind refreshed and a renewed vigor creatively, I’ve done some major updates to Girl in the Forest’s goal section, added a section for the Maid Maleen retelling with a few new goals, and added new ones for the rest as well.  Other than that, just one goal accomplished this month.  Writing Aisuru Sell another 100 copies, minimum Decide one name to connect the three novels and repackage Aisuru with new series name – NEW! Do another promo run once series name set and repackaging done – NEW! Continue submitting for Bookbub as often as allowed until accepted or […]

2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in June

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Some updates and excited babbling about my trip, followed by discussing my updated plans for the rest of the year and my free-talking a bit about the idea of being a failure and coming to terms with it. News & Notes: Back from Italy – awesome trip Sterling & Stone Smarter Artist Bootcamp Moved to a new web host Plans for Writing Between the trip and the Bootcamp, I was able to help clear my head a bit and get re-energized. It also helped me come to terms with some of my doubts even as Aisuru and Deviations both continue […]

S4, E87: Of Plans and Being a Failure

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Not a ton to report in terms of progress this month, other than changing up some goals due to changes in what I’m working on.  I also did a price change for Aisuru and Deviations (lowering both books to $3.99 for the month of May), but because of that, I’m locked out of doing any countdown deals until June, so not won’t be able to do my next Book Bub submission until then. Writing Deviations Submit for Bookbub as often as possible until accepted or year runs out BHAG: 200 copies sold in the first month – this was obviously a HUGE […]

2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in May

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Volume 4 This series just continues to amaze me with its gorgeous artwork and compelling storyline. The fourth volume finally gives us a look into Elias past, how he came to know Lindel, and the conflicting emotions he has around Chise.    Chise also gets a good emotional boost from her dragon friend Nivel, who helps her deal with the circumstances of her past that gave her such low self-esteem.  Both characters are starting to see the issues they have communicating with each other than the needs the other can fulfill, bringing them slowly closer to […]

Manga Monday: Latest Reads

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Very little progress to show this month…added one new goal… Writing Deviations Submit for Bookbub as often as possible until accepted or year runs out – last submitted 3/3, next one will be around mid-May when its KDP Select term flips BHAG: 200 copies sold in the first month Aisuru Sell another 100 copies, minimum Continue submitting for Bookbub as often as allowed until accepted or year runs out – last submitted 2/6, next one will be around early-May when its KDP Select term flips Girl in the Forest Make revision plan and have fully revised for beta reading by June 30th […]

2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in April

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Okay, really, all of these are from this weekend, because new manga shipment from RightStuf arrived!  Yay!   And as I needed a mental break, most of Saturday was spent snuggled on the sofa reading. Note: quite a few of these are later volumes, but as always, I’ve tried to avoid major spoilers 🙂 A Silent Voice, Volume 6 The penultimate volume of the series and a much anticipated one considering how volume 5 ends!  I liked how those events twisted and that this is the first volume where we truly see the world from Shoko’s point of view, as well […]

Manga Monday: Latest Reads (April 5th-April 24th)

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With little chance of “making it worse”, I decided to do a pair of experiments with free pulsing on Aisuru and tried out a blog tour book blitz.  This episode is all about that, after a hefty section of news and notes.  How did my experiments turn out?  Let’s see… (side note: my mentions of the episode length in the episode are “off” as I clipped out some extra babbling 🙂 )

S4, E85: Eh, Why Not? Newbie Experiments

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Over the last week or so, I actually managed to get in some good reading time, yay!  Said reading included some new manga, which is an even bigger yay! Sweet Rein, Volumes 1-3 Sweet Rein came out awhile back and I initially ignored it because it was Christmas-themed and that really isn’t my thing.  However, it is also by Sakura Tsukuba, the manga-ka of one of my favorite series Land of the Blindfolded, so I decided to check out the preview and eventually added it to my wish list.  On my birthday, my sweetie and I went to Half Price […]

Manga Monday: Latest Reads (March 28-April 3rd)