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Introducing my new side audio blog type project, Anma’s Manga Minute, and giving a more “formal” introduction to my Hakodate Hearts book series, including selected readings from both Aisuru and Deviations.   Fair warning: as this episode includes a reading from Deviations, it has a bit more cussing than usual 🙂 News & Notes: Computer woes – desktop video card died and laptop had to have Windows reinstall Girl in the Forest updates: feedback in, revision progress and cover progress Anma’s Manga Minute New “vlog”/blog thing about Anime and Manga! YouTube and blog only for now Check out the intro […]

S4, E91: Anma’s Manga Minute and Hakodate Hearts

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Very little progress this month, except on reading…and adding a new goal to the list because reasons 🙂 Writing Aisuru Sell another 100 copies, minimum – FAILED not counting free copies, I’m at only 30 copies sold in 2016; as I’m not doing anymore promos, I just don’t see 100 happening Girl in the Forest Alpha/Beta feedback back August 15th, process and finish revision by September 30th – feedback received, now just have to process and revise! Get to editor by October 1st Girl in the Forest cover underway by August 31st and finalized for reveal by November 1st – Contemplating […]

2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in August

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Camp Nano ended in abject failure and I contemplate the future of the Maid Maleen project before discussing my hastily done promo for Aisuru. While the sales were pitiful, the ROI was great, though still a disappointment. Which leads into my last topic: where things stand with Girl in the Forest and the struggles of being fiscally responsible while also trying to produce great products and a great reader experience.

S4, E90: Camp NaNo Ending and Final Promo

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Wow, I actually got some things done!  Alas, not the really BIG thing July was supposed to be devoted to (prompting one new goal), but some other things so yay! 🙂  I also decided to cancel the two BookBub goals because I decided I will not do anymore promos on Aisuru or Deviations until Girl in the Forest is out (and maybe not even then)  Writing Aisuru Sell another 100 copies, minimum Decide one name to connect the three novels and repackage Aisuru with new series name – DONE  By fan vote, it’s Hakodate Hearts! Do another promo run once […]

2016 Goal Check In: How Did I Do in July

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Finally got some words written and the story is going so much better!  I also talk about the false idea that being an indie authors means you don’t have to deal with rejection again. News & Notes: Poll results so far – last day to vote! Voting closes on as soon as it flips over to July 18th (CST) Contemplation on Indies and the idea that being self-published means “no (more) rejections” Word Count: 4,402 (need 3,707 a day to finish…yeah…)

S4, E89: Camp NaNo 2016, Special 2

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As I mentioned in my most recent episode and in my goals update, I’m going to be “repackaging” Aisuru, Deviations, and the upcoming Girl in the Forest into a proper “series” of linked novels.  They are set in a shared world, with Aisuru and Deviations being in Hakodate, Japan, and Girl in the Forest being in Aokigahara primarily, but featuring a character from Hakodate.  Fans of the stories will find little links between the characters themselves as well. 🙂   Further, all three stories have a shared theme, if you will, of people ready to give up on life who find […]

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